I don’t know if you remember the post I’ve uploaded almost 3 months ago about how I’m trying to get more growth on my social media platforms and how I use them to get traffic to one another. I case you forgot or haven’t seen it yet, you can click the link here:

In that post I’ve set myself a new target for the end of the year to double the amount of views and subscribers before the end of the year. I’ve set the bar high! going from 1,600,000 views to 3,200,000 views and 10,000 tot 20,000 subs in 9 months is extremely hard, but it’s the only way to push myself to the limit to reach my goals. If you make a quick estimation with over 1000 subs/month and 100,000 views/month we might get there or really close!

By using different social media platforms to stimulate each other and creating content once a week (or more) is the only way to get there. I took a small break with the 1-video-a-week schedule because it was simply to hard for me to make projects and finish the video in one week and run a business next to that.

During that break I’ve been shooting 7 more videos that should provide me a buffer to give me some time to make more content and keep that tight schedule. I’ve decided that quality was more important than quantity at some point. I only wanted to upload video’s I really like making and where I am 100% happy with.

The cool thing is I’ve been seeing a bigger exponential growth by uploading once a week (Kind of logic in some way; more videos = more views and more exposure)

The funny thing is that when you are making videos, you sometimes kind of get the feeling that this video could be the next big thing like I had with the Carbonfiber Iron man mask that is doing extremely well (link here). The disappointing thing is that after uploading the video, it is not being picked up by the viewers. The key here is not to give up!

For Example:

I had the video about the Carbonfiber Youtube button doing extremely bad in views (in my opinion) at the beginning. Suddenly, after over a month, it gets picked up some way, Don’t ask me how or why it just happen at that moment, It’s something you cant predict with YouTube. I have a few thing that might have helped: “PewDiePie” one of the biggest YouTubers, has recently uploaded a video with him telling he is still waiting for his “Diamond YouTube Button” for reaching over 10 mlj subs #givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton (In case you want to see that video you can watch it on following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY4wCi1pPkU) The video got over 10,000,000 views in a couple of days and probably my video got promoted next to that. By probably having similar tags in our videos like ‘YouTube’ ‘Button’ ‘Award’ ‘Subscribers’ I benefit in some way from his popularity on my video. This topic went viral on Twitter,Instagram,Youtube and other social media platforms.

That being said, still a long way to go to reach my goals! If you want to help me out here are a few thing you can do; Watch/Share and like my videos and give me a comment! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what I’m doing 😉

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