As a company that started out of passion for composites. The entire growth was thanks to the power of social media and the people supporting the things we do! We’ve recently reached over 10 000 subscribers and over 1,6 million views on YouTube. Our goals are set to double the amount of subscribers and views before the end of 2016! We will try to reach this by creating more content on a weekly base; Varying from Tutorials, Vlogs, News, Q&A and more! We also keep looking to amplify the reach by trying new social media. We’ve been testing snapchat for 2 weeks and truly believe in the power of a fast moving social sharing! That’s why we will be investing a lot of time in the growth of our snapchat.

Here’s the mindset behind the social media:

– YouTube: High quality edited content (video content)

– Facebook: High quality edited content (still images and backing for YouTube)

– Instagram: Daily pictures varying from composites related content to what inspires us in the daily life

– Twitter: Direct written contact with the followers and backing for other social media through text

– Snapchat: Fast moving content of stills and small videos through the day

Here’s our social media in case you are not following us yet!



twitter: @matthieutje65

instagram: matthieulibeert

snapchat: matthieu_li

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